Our curriculum is based on ages.  We focus on a purposeful, balanced approach to nurturing happy hearts, active minds, and healthy bodies.

Bright Babies is a popular curriculum designed to enable the growth and development of infants ranging from birth to twelve months.  Teachers are provided with topics and activities that will help babies learn about different topics through meaningful and important social interactions.

These activities will help them understand the following aspects of learning:  Cognitive; Language; Small Motor Skills; Large Motor Skills; and Social/Emotional.

Adaycare has been developed for children ages 1 through 2 years of age.  The basis of the curriculum introduces children to the alphabet, numbers and shapes.  Weekly themes such as learning about frogs in June and birds in August teach the children about the animal kingdom.  This curriculum is a fun way to learn utilizing games; crafts and songs to prepare the children for the next stage of their education, preschool.

Early Start is a preschool curriculum geared towards 3 through 5 year olds and engages the children through fun activities and exciting games.    The multi-faceted program helps children learn about responsibility and social behavior allowing them to be a better person.  Children lean an appreciation for education and will likely enjoy learning for the rest of their life.  Behavioral skills help the children learn how to behave in a structured classroom and set the foundation of good behavioral skills they can use during the rest of their education.  This hands-on learning is both enjoyable and educational.