Illness Policy

We recognize the difficulty parents/guardians have in finding alternative care for sick children, but adhering to our illness policy is for your child's protection as well as the protection of all the children and staff members.  Observing our illness policy will help us maintain a healthy childcare environment.

Please do not give your child medication to reduce his fever, diarrhea or vomiting because when the medication wears off we will have to call you to come and pick them up.  You must pick-up your child within one hour after receiving the call.

We have set these standards as a necessary part of our overall program to ensure an optimal environment for all children in our care.  Planning in advance to provide alternative care for your child when they are sick will avoid last minute worries.

We ask that you have a back-up caregiver (someone you can call if the Center has to close or if your child is sick).  Please call or email the office when your child is absent for illness or any other reason.