Ways You Can Help

If you would like to support us and our missions that we support monetarily, click the Giving tab. There are also many opportunities for you to give time and talents for the church and to the Glory of our Lord through our boards. 

Each board is tasked with supporting the church in different areas:

Board of Properties - tasks include

  • Building (maintenance, repair, improvements and cleaning)
  • Building Systems (heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, driveway)
  • Safety (continuous inspection for unsafe and/or fire hazard conditions)
  • Safety Inspection Coordination (fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, gas line leak testing, health)
  • Communication (telephone, computers, internet service, fax machines)
  • Office equipment (computers, printers, copier machines, furniture)
  • Congregation Work Day (coordinate one work day per year [weekend before Easter] to perform major cleanup and general maintenance with Church members)
  • Pest Control - inside and outside (including fire ant control)
  • Lawn Maintenance (working with contractors)

Board of Christian Day School (administration of all ministries connected with the Day School of the congregation)

Board of Evangelism (charged with the administration of all outreach ministries of the congregation)

  • Greeters - formally welcome worshipers at all services.  They are stationed at the doors and behind the guest book stand.   Training is provided so that greeters are able to answer questions, especially from new worshipers.  Greeters work on a monthly schedule, about 3 months per year.  Substitutes are also needed.
  • LWML - The Lutheran Women's Missionary League is the congregation's primary women's ministry, an auxiliary group of the congregation.  LWML members support the international league's mission projects, as well as conducting mission projects locally.
  • Braille - A team of workers gather at Grace Lutheran in Arlington once a month to make books for the blind.  The team usually goes out for lunch afterwards.

Board of Christian Service (charged with the administration of the time, talent, and treasure of the members and friends of the congregation)

  • Office Help - Volunteers to assist the office secretary, primarily in her absence.
  • Saturday Secretaries - are scheduled to work on Saturday mornings to fold worship bulletins and collate other materials.  May be called upon to assist with folding bulletins during holidays such as Easter and Christmas.
  • Hospitality Committee - assists sponsoring groups to provide organization, set-up, service and clean-up at regularly scheduled congregational activities including but not limited to:  Voters' Meetings; Spring Work Day; Lenten Suppers; Easter Breakfast; Thanksgiving Dinner and Advent Suppers.

Board of Parish Education  (oversees the education ministries of the congregation, with the exception of the Christian Day School)

  • Sunday School Teachers - teachers, assistant teachers and substitutes are needed to teach Sunday school.  Teachers may also assist with the special projects of the Sunday School, such as the annual Christmas worship.